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Diabetic Slippers, Etc. is a blog all about diabetic slippers, socks, and various foot care products.

As many diabetics have trouble with their feet, this blog’s aim is to serve those people with information they need to better care for their feet in and around the home.

My goal is not only to help diabetics and their loved one’s take better care of their ailing feet and bodies but also learn how to cope with diabetes, prevent it from developing, and live moreĀ fulfillingĀ lives with the condition.

No diabetic should go barefoot, it’s too risky, nor should they have to stay cooped up in uncomfortable diabetic shoes when they come home at night. Wearing diabetic slippers however can keep feet as healthy as they can be and can protect them from dangers around the house, which can in turn give freedom and mobility back to diabetic sufferers.

My name is Fred Krist, the author author this blog. I have an uncomfortably large collection of diabetics running in my family. I try my best to educate and sympathize with those that have diabetes and especially those with mobility issues.

Grandma – I’m looking at you.

If you need to contact me then please shoot me an email at fred at diabeticslippersetc dot com or just hit me up in the comments of this site.

Where To Start

Where To StartIf you are new to this site and are looking for slippers see my introduction to diabetics slippers first before checking out the bestsellers list.

I’d also recommend reading my post on reversing insulin resistance if you have diabetes running in the family. The most important step a non-diabetic can take is to prevent diabetes from developing in the first place and managing insulin sensitivity issues is the best way to do just that.

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