Simple Tips For Finding The Cheapest Diabetic Slippers For Sale Online

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Finding the cheapest diabetic slippers for sale is not always as easy as it sounds. It can take some time and a considerable amount of comparison shopping. And truthfully by buying really inexpensive slippers you will not be missing out on much – diabetic slippers just don’t come that cheap.

Comparison Shopping At The Mall

You could spend a large amount of time and energy traveling from store to store looking for that perfect pair of slippers, one’s that are going to satisfy not only the style and comfort features you desire, but also offer the protection that the diabetic foot requires.

Many stores have good slippers that would adequately protect the diabetic foot but most cheap slippers will not give you any special treatment. If low cost slippers are nessesary you would be best just buying the cheapest options available at your local Walmart.

A Better Way To Buy Medical Slippers

Another route (arguably a better way) to take is to find the right diabetic slipper for you is to do your shopping online.

Searching on the internet can not only add variety to the available choices but it can save you a lot of money and time when compared to shopping in brick and mortar stores. And not only that but true medical slippers for diabetes, edema, and other foot problems are usually lower in cost.

How To Keep Costs Low When Shopping For Diabetic Slippers

A slipper does not need to be labeled ” for diabetics” in order to offer the things we need in this type of footwear.

Features To Look For In Cheap Slippers

Finding the right slipper for you while keeping in mind the safety of your feet can be done by reading up a little on what the diabetic foot is looking for, such as:

  • the ability to adjust fit
  • a good thick sole, and
  • the lack of interior seams.

A fleece or similar material for a lining are all things that you need in the interior of a slipper to protect the foot from pressure points.

These features should then be looked for, when shopping for the cheapest diabetic slippers, in both regular retail stores or outlets and with online merchants.

You Get What You Pay For

Remember that some things, like the safety and protection of our feet, can sometimes be more important then price. For many people money is a huge concern but the cost of a foot ulcer is far more than $10-$20 extra spent on good foot protection in the home.

Shopping Tips

If your looking for the cheapest diabetic slippers available today online, you will start with a search of just that. Enter the words in any major search engine and the multitude of choices will astound you. On the other hand I recommend seeing our bestseller page for our recommendations on quality slippers for diabetes and edema.

At the bottom of this post are a few more recommendations for some lower cost slippers.

When you look at footwear of this type it is important to never forget the importance of solid protection and safety features to avoid irritation or injury to our feet. Diabetic feet need extra consideration in this area as they are much more fragile then a normal foot.

Tried & True Advice: Shop The Sales

Taking all of this to mind a cheap slipper that will protect the feet is possible to find. Look for sales at the major department outlets and boutiques. Also online shoe stores often have buy one get one free sales that can significantly reduce the cost of your slippers. If you find a good diabetic slipper on sale buying more than one pair at a time can stretch their useful life out at a lower cost.

Things to Avoid When Buying The Cheapest Slippers for Diabetics You Can Find Online

Inferior Materials

Some of the things to avoid when buying the cheapest slippers, are buying slippers with inferior materials that may be too harsh and cause irritation. These are often found in the absolute cheapest slippers you can buy.

Interior Seams

Also any slippers with seams on the interior should be avoided. The seam can rub on the foot and cause a rash that can lead to much more serious conditions such as infections.

Non-Adjustable Fit (No Velcro Straps)

Make certain to get a slipper with an adjustable strap to allow for any swelling that may occur. Always think a size larger to accommodate this condition.

A Final Tip For Better Fit

Use an insole to get the perfect fit, this can help to make a slipper even more adjustable when it comes to size.

Insoles can make a full time slipper out of footwear that couldn’t be worn during swollen times. The versatility and comfort make buying a larger size a more acceptable option. If you have diabetic shoes and use a custom insole some slippers may be able to fit the same insole making them more comfortable to wear and better equipped to protect your feet.

A Few Cheap Slippers That For Diabetics On A Tight Budget

As promised I’ve outline a few slippers that would be acceptable for people looking to spend as little money as possible. I believe that these are not optimal for their purpose but they are better than nothing.

Bandwagon Diabetic SlippersBandwagon Diabetic Slippers

These slippers are as cheap as they come. They are designed a bit like a boot so they can protect the ankles and they have an adjustable strap over the top of the foot allowing for better fit. I have problems with their soles but for the price they are not bad. Take a look at their sales page for pricing and sizing options.

Adjustable Diabetic SlippersAdjustable Memory Foam Health Slippers

I believe these adjustable slippers are better than the boots above because of their soles and the materials they are made from. They are a far cry from the slippers we recommend most of all but they do cost about half as much. The Bandwagon slippers are cheaper still but I would recommend these over the Bandwagon slippers any day. Check their sales page for pricing and sizing options.

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