Good Alternative For Diabetic Slippers

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When it comes to a good pair of diabetic slippers, finding the right pair is not always easy. Price can also be an issue when footwear is labeled with a tag that claiming it’s made specifically for diabetics.

The truth is that any good slipper with a soft seamless interior lining can be used to help a diabetic keep to a good foot care regiment. Some tips for finding a good slipper, are the size of the toe and the ability to adjust the fastening straps or ties.

This is exceptionally important as diabetes will often cause foot swelling and being able to adjust the slipper for this will allow you to get full time use and not need a separate pair for the times your feet are swollen.

Using A Good Sock Liner As An Alternative For Diabetic Slippers

Today manufacturers have brought well made plush socks to market for the fragile feet of diabetics. These socks can be added to an over sized slipper to gain the comfort that comes from an orthopedic slipper at far less the cost.

Always try to maintain a good foot care regiment and try not to wear slippers that offer no support, or have abrasive types of fabric that will irritate the feet.

Most will start out looking at expensive brand name slippers that are exclusively marketed for the diabetic, these are not the only alternative out there for this type of footwear. In the end all we really need is an over sized, plush lined, adjustable slipper that will allow proper protection to the diabetic foot.

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I am a believer in disease prevention but I know that for some prevention is too late. By keeping people educated I believe I can enable more people with diabetes to get active, regain mobility, and live more fulfilling lives. And for those who are merely at risk for diabetes I believe prevention is possible.
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