Diabetes Defense 101: Buy A Good Pair Of Women’s Diabetic Slippers

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Buying a pair of good diabetic slippers is something many women with diabetes either overlook or simply discount in importance. Around the house, slippers are worn for long periods of time and they protect our feet from the dangers of table legs, bed frames, and dirt and debris collected on the kitchen floor. Not wearing adequate protection on your feet in the home is the same as asking for foot injuries which are all too common among diabetics.

What To Look For In A Good Diabetic Slipper

Slippers With No Interior Seams Are Best

Propet Women's Cronus House ShoeExtra care should be given to making sure we get a comfortable slipper that is going to help with our foot care regiment rather then hurt when it comes to the fragile feet of a diabetic. Seams or pressure points should be non-existent as they can cause injury over time.

A good slipper for diabetic foot care will have a nice plush lining on the interior and no seams to irritate the feet when they’re worn. It is also very important to obtain a good fit when purchasing slippers as much as it is with your regular day shoes.

Look For Slippers Or House Shoes With Adjustable Straps


Velcro Straps For A Better Fit

This is usually accomplished buy buying slippers with adjustable straps which help even the most irregularly shaped feet fit properly. You can see that the Propet Women’s Cronus sneaker has adjustable velcro straps on the top and the heel making a comfortable fit very easy to achieve.

Look For Slippers To Give You Extra Room For Swelling

Make sure your slippers not only fit when they are chosen, but that there will be enough adjust ability to accommodate any swelling you may experience. Again, the slippers with adjustable straps can help in this regard.

Straps that slide open and closed to enlarge the slipper are a good idea if you experience swelling a lot. This will give you a slipper that you can wear no matter what condition your feet are in at the time.

Additionally you can look for features like removable insoles so that you can put your own specially made insoles in. This also gives you the ability to use thick insoles or thin insoles depending on whether or not your feet are swollen. This applies to diabetics as well as those with edema.

Buying Diabetic Slippers: A Few Extra Shopping Tips

The soles in your eventual slipper purchase should be sturdy with good arch support and thick enough to give you the protection you need. Many diabetic slippers are very similar to shoes (which is why they are often called house shoues) because of their thick and tough soles.

Comfort and style can still be obtained in a slipper without sacrificing the care that must be given to our feet by this area of footwear. The sole protects the foot from stubbed toes in the home as well as puncture and scrape woulds which can easily become infected. Better slippers will cost more but will protect your feet and keep them healthy much better.

Care + Prevention – The Next Step

Remember that the most expensive diabetes slipper isn’t always going to be the best, your slippers should give support, protection and adjust ability. Once these necessities have been satisfied then we can look for style.

Wearing top quality diabetic slippers will help keep your feet healthy but they won’t repair existing damage. Make sure to read through our diabetes care guides for more on reversing insulin resistance or even reversing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

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I am a believer in disease prevention but I know that for some prevention is too late. By keeping people educated I believe I can enable more people with diabetes to get active, regain mobility, and live more fulfilling lives. And for those who are merely at risk for diabetes I believe prevention is possible.
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