How To Naturally Increase Insulin Production

Insulin is the hormone we all depend on to transfer glucose in the blood to the cells of the body as energy. It is supposed to be self-regulating however these days it is increasingly not.

The Normal Release Of Insulin

The Normal Release Of Insulin

When you eat food it is digested and converted into glucose for delivery throughout the body through the blood stream. The Pancreas simultaneously produces insulin so that the glucose can actually be metabolized and “accepted” by the body. Without insulin your blood sugar levels would rise indefinitely and you would get sick and die.

In generations past this almost always was the case. Digestion naturally led to insulin production and the delivery of glucose to the body was seamless. It never required outside action.

Poor Insulin Regulation: A Modern Dilemma

In recent generations however type-2 diabetes has become quite prevalent and insulin resistance has led to a need for artificial injections of insulin and carefully managed diets designed to keep blood well maintained.

Type-1 diabetics also need insulin artificially. This has been the case for many years and it’s not changing. What’s changing is the quick increase in type-2 diabetics who now need to actively monitor their diabetes and keep blood sugar levels under control.

This article will discuss some of the simple ways to increase insulin production naturally. Although these methods can work they shouldn’t be depended upon solely.

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Each of these posts are related – and they all should be read. In my opinion seeking out ways to improve insulin production alone will not be enough to manage blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes but it is one facet that shouldn’t be overlooked and it is a good starting point.

How To Improve Insulin Production With Your Diet

Improve Insulin Production With Diet & Exercise

Yes, you can improve insulin production with diet and exercise.

Insulin Producing Foods

These are the foods that produce insulin in your body better. They should be overloaded in your diet and supplemented where necessary.

Can Exercise Enhance Production Of Insulin?

Other ways of enhancing insulin production have to do with lifestyle, exercise, and the way you take care of your body. Your pancreas is responsible for producing insulin so make sure to support it to keep it working as best as it can.

Minimize The Need For High Insulin Production By Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Type-1 diabetics may have significant trouble finding natural ways to increase their production of insulin. In many type-1 diabetics the pancreas simply doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. If it won’t produce insulin then you will have to supplement it on your own.

For type-2 diabetics however (and those with pre-diabetes) increasing insulin production is simply a small issue that should be addressed. Most type-2 diabetics get that way over time and as a result of a combination of genetic factors and lifestyle decisions.

Bad Eating Habits & Low Activity Levels Can Cause Insulin Insensitivity

People who eat poorly designed diets loaded with empty calories and who also participate in very low levels of physical activity or exercise are at risk for developing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance typically results in chronically elevated levels of blood sugar which can slowly degrade your body over time.

Most damage to the body occurs in the nerves and small blood vessels in the out-most extremities for your body. (This is why so many diabetics need diabetic slippers, shoes, socks, and other specialty products to keep healthy. This page outlines many diabetic foot care guides on this site written for people in this situation.) When these elevated levels of blood sugar persist for long periods of times: months and years, diabetes finally sets in and slowly become irreversible.

The Trouble With Low Insulin Sensitivity

As your body slowly starts resisting insulin this only intensifies the seriousness of the condition. Your body starts producing more insulin and your body reacts by becoming even less sensitive to it.

You can constantly try to raise insulin production to offset the insensitivity to it or you can take steps to minimize insulin resistance in the first place. Some people with very minimal damage and slightly elevated fasting blood sugar may even be able to reverse diabetes altogether. For those with highly developed type-2 diabetes it may be just maintenance mode and blood sugar management that is possible.

Further Reading

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