How To Reduce Insulin Resistance Naturally

Insulin resistance is the precursor to type-2 diabetes. It is not only caused by a poor diet and lack of physical activity or exercise, but it is also greatly affected by ones genes. If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, or poor insulin sensitivity then you may be able to take corrective action before your issues worsen.

You may not realize it but reversing insulin resistance and improving your fasting sugar levels is not complicated. It is hard and many people fail but it’s not due to complexity. With some exceptions related to other medical conditions or medications reducing insulin resistance is as simple as adding more physical activity to your life and eliminating a few foods from your life which are worsening your condition.

There are lots of different diet plans for type-2 diabetics out there but one recently published diabetic cookbook has received high marks from many people including myself – The Type 2 Diabetes Diet Book (4th Ed.) by Calvin Ezrin.

Why should you take corrective action? Why is insulin resistance a bad thing?

Simple – when your body reacts slowly to the presence of insulin in your blood stream your blood sugar levels remain higher than normal for longer than normal periods of time. If you want to maintain normal fasting blood sugar levels then you need to address your insulin resistance.

Of course many people still have trouble or simply do not care to take the necessary steps to improve insulin resistance. Many of these people end up living perfectly healthy lives but for the majority they do not. Chronically high blood sugar tends to lead to diabetes and many of the complications that diabetes causes. Neuropathy of the feet, poor circulation, loss of eye sight, and foot ulcers are just some common complications diabetics face.

Ohh yeah, not to mention the fact that millions upon millions of people die every year due to complications related to diabetes.

So how do you naturally reverse insulin resistance? The following section should give you some ideas in descending order of importance.

Natural Ways To Decrease Insulin Resistance And Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Get Active – This is so simple that it’s annoying. Everyone knows that exercising improves health but in this case study after study show that simple physical activity (not just exercise) is all that’s needed to improve sensitivity to insulin.

If you simply go for walks with your dog rather than letting him out back this helps. If you carry a shopping basket instead of pushing a shopping cart at the market this helps. Of course going out for exercise helps to so make sure you stay active. Instead of watching one extra show on TV use that time to do something active. It makes more differences than anything else.

This is shocking I know but according to research published in the Diabetes Care Journal, insulin resistance is influenced by a lack of physical activity or dormancy than any other factor. If you do this one thing and change nothing else you will be making large steps towards stopping insulin resistance and getting your health back under control.

Stop Eating Empty Calories – This is a little more subjective and a lot less measurable than say, dropping weight, but it’s the next most important thing you can do to improve insulin resistance. Many of the foods which provide plenty of calories and little nutritional value end up causing spikes in blood sugar and help contribute to growing resistance to insulin.

Being overweight has a high correlation to the development of diabetes and insulin resistance and a pleasant side-effect of eliminating empty calories from your diet is that you will be far more likely to lose weight.

There are a number of studies that confirm that simple sugars and carbs, which are consumed in excess, have a negative association with insulin sensitivity and diabetes. Eliminate them from your diet and you will probably drop a few pounds, especially if you are getting more active (see above) and your fight with pre-diabetes, out of control blood sugar, and insulin resistance will wane.

Add These Foods To Your Diet – This is where you start getting into diminishing returns but even still the fruits of your labor are worth it. Studies show that foods rich in fiber, alpha-lipolic acid, and vitamin k all help in regulating insulin sensitivity and decreasing your odds of developing diabetes.

If you add fruits and vegetables to your diet you will be getting more fiber, and certain foods like leafy green veggies, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and citrus will provide you with more of the nutrients shown to lower insulin resistance.

De-Stress Your Life – The last item on my list to naturally start lowering insulin resistance is to drop your stress levels. It’s well documented that stress causes an increase in insulin resistance. By taking up relaxing hobbies like yoga, meditation, prayer, or reading you can lower your stress levels and help reduce resistance to insulin.

Other simple ways to lower stress include getting more sleep. This too is so simple that we can easily roll our eyes at it but it does work. Staying in deep, slow-wave sleep helps regulate blood sugar levels and can help prevent diabetes from developing.

Of course, without question, follow the advice of your physician. He or she will know far more about your specific set of circumstances that any web author will.

Alternatively you can look at this post on naturally reversing the onset of diabetes to see if you can get a bit more hand holding assistance in dealing with your situation.

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I am a believer in disease prevention but I know that for some prevention is too late. By keeping people educated I believe I can enable more people with diabetes to get active, regain mobility, and live more fulfilling lives. And for those who are merely at risk for diabetes I believe prevention is possible.
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