The Diabetic Bible: Your All-in-One Guide to Living Well with Diabetes

People with advanced forms of diabetes need to be taking steps to take care of their bodies. This includes eating right, wearing proper footwear, staying active, and remaining positive but none of this is easy.

Recently diagnosed type 2 diabetics have lots and lots of questions and it’s sometimes hard to lay out everything you need to know on one web page.

I hope you’ll find our basic diabetic care guides helpful and I really hope you find our diabetic foot care guides informative but for a well rounded reference source for living with diabetes I highly recommend you purchase a copy of The Diabetic Bible over on Amazon or in one of your local book stores.

The Diabetic BibleThe Diabetic Bible is written for the newly diagnosed and is meant to answer all yoru questions about your health and lifestyle. It is invaluable and it is the first book I purchased for my mother as she began taking care of her diabetic mother a couple of years back.

On Amazon this book has almost perfect reviews. It is an excellent book to add to your shelf.

If you are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or are caring for someone who has diabetes then pick up a copy today. I could recommend any other all-encompassing guide so highly.

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About Fred Krist

I am a believer in disease prevention but I know that for some prevention is too late. By keeping people educated I believe I can enable more people with diabetes to get active, regain mobility, and live more fulfilling lives. And for those who are merely at risk for diabetes I believe prevention is possible.
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